The Charismatic Renewal

Testimonies abound the world over: Healed lives, marriages and religious vocations; a great love of prayer, Scripture and the Church; a burning desire for Christian unity. Those who enter in by surrendering their lives to Christ are filled with a deep and reverential love of God, who makes Himself known to them in the most profound ways..

What is the Origin of the Charismatic Renewal?

What are the fruits of this Renewal?

Video produced by Chemin Neuf (New Way), a Catholic Charismatic ecumenical community

"Charism" means a gift of the heart - from the heart of God to your heart. This Renewal is based on the 'baptism in the Holy Spirit' (Acts 1:5), promised by Jesus to the Apostles and all Christians.

The Apostles received this baptism in the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. They were immediately emboldened to proclaim the Resurrection of Jesus, with the result that 3,000 were converted that day. Following this, the Saints and Fathers of the Church were empowered by the same experience - one of proclamation and joy (jubilatio). Scripture and the Church tell us that all are invited into this Spirit-filled life, characterized by freedom from bondage, boldness for the Gospel, and immense love of God and neighbor! 

And in our own day, this same Spirit of Pentecost swept over the modern Catholic Church, beginning in 1967 when a group of American college students, seeking to live Christianity in the fullest possible way, were holding a Retreat. God overwhelmingly answered their prayer, igniting a fire of renewal across the United States and throughout the world!