Guardian Angels Church

Guardian Angels Church

2061 E. Henrietta Rd. 


Our first retreat, last April, was wonderfully successful, praise God!  Eighty per cent of the survey respondents said they would be 'Very likely' to come to another such event.


We are very excited about offering this new retreat to all Catholics in the Diocese of Rochester. It will present the basic Gospel message of Salvation through Jesus Christ through a series of special presentations which testify to the Truth that placing our trust totally in Christ does indeed rid us of the fears that so many are experiencing in today's climate of global, political, and economic uncertainty.


Powerful, uplifting DVD presentations of the missions and recent conferences of Ralph Martin's Renewal Ministries are certain to give reason to hope, not fear!  Live talks and witnesses by faith-filled brothers and sisters will be equally inspiring. And Mass, Confession and the Rosary will be available.


Please join us --  and Spread the Word!


Come to Our August Retreat!

The Desert, the Oasis, and Beyond:


                        + Meeting Christ in the Deserts and Trials of our lives
                        + The Mercy of the Father - Being Set Free to Love
                        + Power in the Spirit - Going Deeper With God!




         Thursday and Friday Evening, August 24-25, 2017  -----   7:00 - 9:30 p.m.

         Saturday Morning, August 26  -----------------------------  9:00 - 1 1:30 a.m.


         Guardian Angels Church, 2061 E. Henrietta Rd., Rochester


         Free Admission --   Come to Any or All Three Sessions! 


         Questions? - Call  (585) 671-5275  or  Contact us using the "Your Inputs" page  





Each session will be an experience of grace from our Loving God - Father, Son and  Holy Spirit.

Nationally acclaimed Fr. Dave Pivonka and Sr. Miriam J. Heidland will give stunning examples of finding Christ right in the midst of the most difficult and painful paths of our lives, and teach us about the freedom we find when we open ourselves to God's mercy (on DVD).  And our very special guest speakers Dawn Nudo and Regina Civiletti will deepen these themes even more with their powerful and moving personal witnesses of Christ's presence in their extreme trials and an incredible act of forgiveness.  The final session, Saturday morning, will encourage us all to surrender to God's will and mission for our lives by inviting Him to totally fill us with His own Spirit, just as Jesus and His Apostles did in the New Testament!

There will be quiet reflection time and inspiring and worshipful music ministry -- and personal prayer for those who desire it.   If you come, you will be Blessed!









In the Spirit of the New Evangelization, we are encouraging everybody to invite a friend, family member or neighbor to come with you to this  very special event - Be an Evangelist for Jesus! 

St.Thomas More Church, 2617 East Avenue, Rochester

+ 50 Year Jubilee +


The 50th Anniversary of God's gift of charismatic renewal of the Church is being celebrated this year around the world, from Rome to Rochester!  We give praise to God for the February 17-19, 1967 Weekend Retreat at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where it all began... 




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The Desert, The Oasis and Beyond!


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See, darkness covers the earth.. But upon you, the LORD shines!  - Isaiah 60:2

Charismatic renewal isn't just a 'movement' -- It's God!  Touching people's lives in unexpectedly magnificent ways.  Undeserved, yet lavished upon us simply by our drawing close and surrendering our lives to Him.

This Renewal of the Holy Spirit began in the U.S. 50 years ago, and today more than 120 million Catholics in 220 countries around the world have experienced the extraordinary grace of this 'baptism in the Holy Spirit' (Acts 1:5).


So, Come and see.. what charismatic renewal is!  Read some of our personal testimonies; discover what our Church leaders and theologians have concluded; enter into worship with a music video or two.   -- And remember that you are always welcome to join us at one of the prayer groups or at our Mass!

 Welcome to the

           Catholic Charismatic Renewal

                                               of  Rochester, New York